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Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Even I think that maybe went a bit too far

Editor’s Notebook: Even I think that maybe went a bit too far

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Here’s one from the wayback machine, dialing up the Feb. 22, 1963, edition of the Northern Virginia Sun.

The paper had covered a panel discussion of a meeting of the American Association of School Administrators, where Fairfax County Superintendent Earl Funderburk (there’s a manly name for ya!) opined that he did not want any atheists in his schools.

Funderburk said he believed nobody should be allowed to teach U.S. teenagers unless “he or she believes in a Supreme Being or Creator.”

That view is in line with a sign I believe was found in one of the versions of the Cannonball Run” movie series, which (if memory serves) reminded us that “God, guns and guts keep us safe from commie nuts.” But it’s a view that does seem a tad out of place even back in the 1960s when Superintendent Funderburk (I just love typing “Funderburk”!) made it.


ON THE PLUS SIDE, IT KINDA MAKES ME FEEL LESS SELF-CONSCIOUS: Given the God theme above, I went with “The Creation” by Michelangelo for the artwork to accompany it.

But what was with that great artist giving us his works of masculinity (like Adam, above, and his equally acclaimed “David” masterpiece) that features men with small, mmmm, personalities?

Not that it’s a competition, mind you, but it’s almost like they were Irish, sayeth the Irish guy doing the typing.

  • Scott McCaffrey
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