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Monday, August 15, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: Donald Trump as Jackie Chan?

Editor’s Notebook: Donald Trump as Jackie Chan?

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I’m really, really having a hard time taking, with a straight face, a few of the tales told by that special-guest-star witness before the Jan. 6 committee who showed up this week and related, mmmm, quite the story.

Made for a good audition tape for MSNBC, where she will probably end up after the book deal is consummated, but parts of it seemed a tad fanciful.

Was Donald “the Don-Don” Trump really trying to grab control of a presidential vehicle from muscly Secret Service personnel, with the goal of taking it to the Capitol to lead a takeover of Congress? Seems just a tad too farfetched and fantastical to believe.

But hey, stranger things have happened in White House lore. (Had I been of driving age back when this was relevant a half-century ago, I’d have slapped an “I Believe Rose Mary Woods” bumper sticker on the back of what probably would have been my Chevy Nova, just for funsies.)

Ah well, get ready: To prove the point that there is a God and that He is of the vengeful sort, I think we’d better gear up for a Trump-Clinton rerun in November 2024.

THE RIPPER IS IN IT TO WIN IT: Among politicians making it semi-official of late has been Del. Rip Sullivan, who is asking supporters to drop some campaign cash on him as he begins re-election plans for 2023.

Sullivan’s district has been reconfigured to remove the Arlington precincts, but as he lives in McLean, that’s not the end of the world for him. The new district (the 6th) also is home to Del. Kathleen Murphy, but according to Huggy-Bear, word on the street (and you didn’t hear it from me, Starsky …) is that Murphy is not planning to run for a new term, avoiding the necessity of an intra-Democratic fight between the two incumbents.

GET THE REFERENCE? I rely on blog readers to know their 1970s TV references, hence the Huggy-Bear/“Starsky & Hutch” reference above. Antonio Fargas is one heck of an actor – great on the movie “Car Wash,” too.

NOW THAT’S JUST SAD: “I Believe The Washington Post” was the slogan on a bumper sticker on a car in front of me this morning.

WHATEVER IT WAS, WE ALL GOT IT: I’m not saying what it was because there’s no real clarity on that, but starting a little over two weeks ago, a bug began rolling through our Falls Church office, and before it was done, the entire Sun Gazette staff that works out of it was knocked around.

It’s no a competition, of course, but I am thankful my symptoms were among the least disruptive to daily living.

It was probably a cold; one of those rolled through World Headquarters last summer, too, although that time only two of the four of us fell victim to its charms.

This time around, staffer did test positive for COVID, but she had had the Wuhan sniffles earlier, and there are so many false positives (and false negatives) out there, that such tests are hardly worth considering definitive.

– Scott McCaffrey

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