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Monday, October 18, 2021
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: Do they think they’re fooling anybody?

Editor’s Notebook: Do they think they’re fooling anybody?

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“Sanctimonious political hacks” is not a phrase we throw around often here at the office – and we throw around lots of phrases – but when it fits, it fits.

And for purposes of today’s discussion, it fits nine of the 10 members of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, who have sent a letter to Gov. Northam just wringing their hands in worry about COVID (remember COVID?) and asking that he unilaterally suspend the requirement that those mailing in absentee ballots for the Nov. 2 election have a witness sign, as well.

You’ll recall that said requirements were indeed waived in 2020, but have been back in place for some time.

Now, really, do the nine (Democratic, just by the way) members of the Board of Supervisors who supported sending this letter think their constituents are stupid? It is perhaps a rhetorical question.

C’mon: this has nothing whatsoever to do with COVID. It has to do with the fact that Dems are getting verrrrrrrrry nervous that the combination of an unpopular president (that sure happened fast…) and a gubernatorial candidate that nobody particularly loves is going to sink them at the polls. So they’re pulling out all the stops to try and wring every last Democratic vote out of Northern Virginia.

One has to give them credit for the ol’ college try, but really, supervisors, trying to pretend this needs to be done for health concerns? To repeat: Do you think your constituents are stupid?

Who knows how the gubernatorial race is going to turn out? I don’t, you don’t, nobody does. But while it may be close, one would hope that all involved would come out of the process with their dignity intact.

Any more similar foolishness from the Board of Supervisors, and they’ll have shredded what little dignity they had left.

WELL, THAT DIDN’T TAKE LONG: In a situation somewhat different but still analogous to that in Arlington, the Alexandria school-system leadership is now pleading with the City Council to reinstate school-resource officers.

In Alexandria, the School Board had voted to keep resource officers in schools, but were overruled by the City Council. And guess what? That has turned out to be a mess, as mayhem rules.

How bad has it become. Consider this:

“I’m pleading with our city council this evening that we reinstate our school-resource officers immediately. We cannot wait for extended conversations about this matter, as this situation has really escalated,” Superintendent Gregory Hutchings Jr. said. His statement was disseminated by the Republican Party of Virginia, which is using the SRO issue and policing in general as issues that seem to be resonating.

In Arlington, both the School Board and the County Board seem on the same page in jointly supporting a similarly misplaced yank-the-cops-from-the-schools mentality. Until the first major incident occurs, that is — something more major than last week’s active-shooter false alarm at Washington-Liberty.

And when there is a major school problem, and when the police are too far away to get there in time, then watch the elected officials scurry for cover as they always do. County Board will blame the School Board, School Board will blame the police (who are pawns in these political machinations). Wait and see.

The Arlington Committee of 100 will be discussing this matter of school-resource officers at its monthly meeting this week. Is it too late to bring on an Alexandria School Board member to explain to Arlington why pandering to the virtue-signaling woke crowd while putting students and educators in danger is not the right way to go?

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