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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Dems to Joe: 'Stay home'?

Editor’s Notebook: Dems to Joe: ‘Stay home’?

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We’re getting down to brass tacks when it comes to the Virginia gubernatorial race, and on Tuesday, it was announced that former President Barack Obama was coming into Virginia to stump for Terry McAuliffe, as were First Lady Jill Biden and Georgia political figure Stacey Abrams.

(Abrams seems likeable enough, but why exactly do Democrats keeping touting her as the next best thing, when she seems unable to win elections herself? Just another mystery of political life.)

Anyway, it sounds like Joe Biden’s team, behind the scenes, got kinda pissy that McAuliffe — the guy who just a week or two before had said (I paraphrase) that that increasing unpopular president was like an anvil around the neck of Democrats on the ballot this year — didn’t necessarily want President Biden to come to Virginia to campaign. So it appears that he’ll be coming, if only to placate the White House.

Glory be, Republicans must be chortling over the situation. Except, of course, if Donald Trump decides to start focusing on the Virginia race and making it all about him. And don’t bet against that in the coming days; he already was slated to speak at a rally last night featuring some of the kookier characters of the Virginia and national political scene. Gotta believe Youngkin’s team went apoplectic when they heard that was on the horizon. Democratic ad-makers will have a field day.

But back to the other side. The president (Biden, to keep things straight) appeared earlier in the campaign season with McAuliffe et al, in an Arlington appearance that seemed to bring out the party leaders more out of duty than enthusiasm. And that was when Biden was polling 15 points higher in the polls than he is today. Those same leaders will be trying to stay out of the camera frame when he drops in this time. Or be on fact-finding missions anywhere but where the campaign rally is taking place.

But if an incumbent president wants to show up, you kind of have to let him show up, even if he doesn’t realize he’ll probably cost his party by doing so. As such, it’s beginning to look like neither party really wants to win this governor’s race.

ANOTHER FROM THE ‘WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE’ FILE: My 25-minute drive home from work usually occurs right at 5 p.m., and among my radio options are “The Five” on FOX News.

Tuesday evening, it was my selection, and occupying the “lib’rul” seat was Geraldo Rivera, who must get parachuted onto that show because he’s on the FOX payroll and they need to give him something to do. On his appearances, he doesn’t always seem focused. (Give me Harold Ford Jr. or Richard Fowler as the liberal on the panel; they both do a better job. And Donna Brazile, she is good there, too, although rarely seen.)

In the midst of Tuesday’s program, Rivera noted that while he liked Biden personally and wanted him to succeed, it had become clear that the president and those around him had no idea of the long-term economic carnage they’d be doing to the country with their proposed spending spree. (A couple of days earlier, Harold Ford Jr. had said the same thing in the same spot.)

Rivera went on to note that while he was sad to say it, he just didn’t think Biden was up to the job. (Left unsaid, of course, is that any elected official in his late 70s, of any political stripe, who isn’t currently measuring up, isn’t likely to improve as time goes by.)

There’s serious talk among some that the 2024 election could be a rematch between Biden and Trump. Seems to me that if either party allows either man to get anywhere close to winning the nomination, we should just turn out the lights and hand over the country to the Chinese, as will happen eventually anyway.

It seems to defy sanity that the matchup would be Biden-v.-Trump 2024. Then again, it defied sanity that the matchup was Trump-v.-Biden 2020, too.

  • Scott McCaffrey

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