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Tuesday, December 7, 2021
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: Credit where credit is due

Editor’s Notebook: Credit where credit is due

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Since time immemorial, I have covered the annual opening ceremonies of the Northern Virginia Senior Olympics, held at Thomas Jefferson Community Center in Arlington.

The ceremony, and the Senior Olympics, fell victim to COVID in 2020 but are back for 2021.

Confession: This past Saturday came and went and the opening ceremonies, while vaguely somewhere in the back of my cranium, went by with me missing them. One of those strike-your-forehead moments once I realized the boo-boo.

With that confession out of the way (how many Hail Mary’s required as penance?), let me note that Shirley Ruhe of Connection Newspapers had some really nice photos of the senior-diving competition in this week’s Arlington edition of that newspaper. Some of them showed the athletic prowess of some of the participants; others brought a bit of a smile to my face. Nice stuff.

Sorry about missing your kickoff, Senior Olympians, but glad you are back.

WAKE UP, MAGGIE, I THINK I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY TO YOU: In my never-ending quest to try and bring some creativity to local reportage, and also occasionally impart a little history to those coming up through the pipeline of life, an article yesterday (click here) used a reference to a famous Margaret Thatcher line – “No, no, no!” – in discussing the Arlington GOP rank-and-file’s disdain for the bond referendums on the fall ballot.

The story, for those who read long enough at least, did explain what Thatcher was saying “no!” to, but video can tell the story better. So here you go, down below, with the late prime minister telling European bureaucrats and politicians to cram it.

As an aside, one wonders what the Iron Lady would have thought about the collection of non-entities that the Western democracies have been putting forth as leaders in recent years. She probably would channel her inner Ricky Ricardo: “Ay yay yay!”

  • Scott McCaffrey
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