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Friday, December 9, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: Cracking under the stress?

Editor’s Notebook: Cracking under the stress?

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What’s not to love about U.S. Rep. Don Beyer (D-8th)?

I mean, heck, we’re not exactly on the same page on many issues, yet he’s a good guy and represents the bulk of his constituents well.

But I’m wondering if the stress of a possible Republican wave election – assuming the GOP doesn’t blow it – is beginning to get to him, or at least the people who write his fund-raising appeals.


One that came over the transom on Monday could most charitably be described as “flustered” as it was all over the place, trying to hit issues near and dear to Democrats’ hearts but looking simply scattershot and discombobulated.

Beyer’s certainly in minimal danger of losing renomination in the June 21 or re-election in the general election – although I must say I like his Republican opponent’s call to jail Dr. Fauci! – but he or his people may be looking into the abyss and seeing Republican rule on the horizon.

It will be an interesting test of how politically toxic President Biden is this fall; will he even come into Northern Virginia to campaign for the incumbents? Let’s remember back to 2021, when the ill-starred Terry McAuliffe campaign had Biden – then already flagging but still considerably more popular than he is now – drop by Arlington not once but twice to try and rally the troops.

The flaccid turnout and decided lack of enthusiasm at those two events should have been a tipoff to Democrats that they were in big trouble in the Virginia gubernatorial race. As indeed they were.

ON A NOT-NECESSARILY-UNRELATED MATTER: The highest priced gas on my relatively short jaunt from home to work is an Exxon station on Broad Street in Falls Church. And, for the first time yesterday, it moved above $5 a gallon for regular unleaded.

Others seem to be on the way following that trajectory. And try as the White House might to find scapegoats, higher gas prices always, always, always lead to problems for the incumbent president. There’s just no escaping it.

More fun: This morning top story in the Bezos Bulletin was of fears of years of global stagflation. In the words of Scooby Doo: ruh-roh!

JUDGES ROUGH UP PLAINTIFF IN ELECTION LAWSUIT: No lawyer am I, but I can read English (most days), so I dipped into this week’s ruling of the three-judge federal-court panel that shot down the lawsuit demanding new Virginia House of Delegates elections this year.

The judges were pretty unequivocal in slapping down plaintiff Paul Goldman (a former Democratic Party of Virginia leader and the Don Quixote of this expedition). Goldman lacked standing to even bring the case, the judges said, because “he has failed to prove that he suffered an injury” to his voting rights by Virginia using the 2011 boundaries for the 2021 House of Delegates races.

If anything, the judges said, Goldman’s voting rights actually were stronger under the old lines than under the ones that were approved earlier this year, as the district he was in then had fewer people compared to the ideal norm.

The plaintiff already had more or less given up on this quest some weeks back, blaming Virginia’s elected power structure of both parties in failing to support him and his quest.

Based on these judges, at least, apparently there wasn’t much to support in the first place.

– Scott McCaffrey

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