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Friday, August 19, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: C’mon, local GOP, step it up a notch

Editor’s Notebook: C’mon, local GOP, step it up a notch

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Kindly Uncle Scotty is neither a Republican nor a Democrat, nor even an independent. His political inclinations are summed up in a single word: “Attack!”

And thus, it is my duty to find a rolled up newspaper (excuse me while I whip this out), and then, symbolically speaking of course, whack the Arlington County Republican Commitee over the head with it.

C’mon, Arlington Republicans, another year with no County Board candidate? You’re supposed to be Republi-cans, not Republi-can’ts.

I get it – candidate recruitment is hard, and many within your ranks are more interested in politics at the state and federal levels than locally. And yes, there have been times GOP candidates did materialize, only to prove to be less than stellar out there on the campaign trail.

Yet there wasn’t even a single younger Republican in the body willing to make a kamikaze run against the A-town Democratic oligarchy, just for the sheer fun getting under its skin? Sigh.

Political parties exist to run candidates, not to serve as debating societies, and the local GOP did a good job last year at putting legislative contenders on the ballot. Yes, they all lost, but having them on the ballot helped boost party enthusiasm, which may have helped tipped the scales for the statewide ticket.

In the words of a tall, mustachioed husband of a former elected official, Arlington Republicans are going to have to “hush up” this campaign cycle. Parties that don’t field candidates really don’t have much right to complain about the current state of affairs.

(The same, by the way, goes for the Arlington Green Party, which also failed to come up with a candidate. Granted, that group is smaller still than Republicans in the People’s Republic of A-town, but having a credible candidate able to mix it up in the upcoming debates would have been helpful to raise the party’s profile.)

NOT THAT DEMOCRATS ARE IN GREAT SHAPE: As they stand in the schoolhouse door yelling “abortion now, abortion tomorrow, abortion forever,” one has to wonder what the Democrats’ slavish and shrill fealty to the farthest-left position on that issue is doing to its already frayed alliance with Latino voters.

(We’ll leave the word “Latinx” to the advocacy groups; it’s just not catching on with real people as it comes across as, mmmm, forced.)

And it’s not just Latin voters who seem to be repelled. Are there any “Sargent Shriver Democrats” still left out there who can be pro-life and be accepted into the Democratic fold? Seems to be getting harder and harder.

Big-tent politics seems to have been replaced by a loudest-voices, my-way-or-the-highway approach on a host of issues, this one included. And it may prove costly for the practitioners.

– Scott McCaffrey

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