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Thursday, December 1, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Can't say I blame her

Editor’s Notebook: Can’t say I blame her

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Beth Arthur has been sheriff of Arlington for more than two decades and has served in the Sheriff’s Office for more than 35, so it can’t be too much of a surprise that she announced yesterday she wouldn’t be running for re-election in 2023.

And who, really, can blame her? From the top of the staff pyramid all the way down to new recruits, it’s a crappy time to be in law enforcement, where every move is scrutinized, some of it fairly, some of it not so much.

Most people who have some insight believe that Arthur has tried to do her best in such a difficult environment. Does she have nay-sayers? Indeed. Are there people who probably would have challenged her, likely from the left, had she run again? Also indeed.

Who needs that hassle? Take the pension and enjoy life — if it was an option available to me, I’d probably grab it, too 🙂


Political season has gotten an early start in the People’s Republic of Arlington. Commonwealth’s Attorney Parisa Dehghani-Tafti yesterday announced that she will be running again. Not much of a surprise there, either.

Included in the press release was a list of local elected officials who already have agreed to endorse her candidacy. Let’s just say it was as interesting for those whose names weren’t on it as for those who were.

I’d imagine the incumbent will not have such a difficult route to re-election, especially compared to that contentious Democratic primary of 2019 where she eked out a victory over incumbent Theo Stamos. But we’ll see what the next few weeks and months bring in terms of candidate announcements before making any definitive pronouncements.

BOX SCORES FOR EVERY SINGLE GAME: What led to this is not important, but in discussions with my father down at McCaffrey Southern Command Center in Florida earlier this week, he noted that his first trip to a professional baseball game, at least on the National League side, was when the Boston Braves hosted the St. Louis Cardinals in 1950 in an unusual-for-the-time night game.

He remembers that Warren Spahn, the ace of a sorta mediocre Braves team, was on the mound that day.

Through the magic of Al Gore’s amazing Internet, I narrowed it down to three possible games in the summer of 1950 that met the criteria he laid out. It’s now up to him to try and figure out exactly which one it was.

Amazingly, you apparently can find every box score for every Major League game going back a century or more online. Who knew? Not me.

This whole family exercise got started because I happened to mention to dear ol’ pop that Wednesday was the 102nd anniversary of the birth of St. Louis Cardinals legend Stan Musial. Who also happened to be playing in that game lo those 72 years ago.

— Scott McCaffrey

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