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Thursday, December 8, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Can you go home again?

Editor’s Notebook: Can you go home again?

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You have to have lived in the, cough, “DMV” long enough – well, long enough to not be caught dead calling it “the DMV” – to remember when the “Morning Zoo” (later moved to afternoons) team of Don Geronimo and Mike O’Meara were big names on local radio.

(Bonus points if you can remember who preceded their afternoon show back in the day on WJFK. Howard Stern in the mornings and then G. Gordon Liddy middays. Talk about an, mmmm, interesting lineup.)

Well, Don Geronimo (real name: Mike Sorce) has returned to the local area from California after landing a gig on one of our region’s FM stations. (Mike O’Meara – real name, Mike O’Meara – is in Florida doing a podcast these days. They seem to be somewhat estranged, like Martin and Lewis or me and my treadmill.)


Haven’t had the chance to check in on Don (sans Mike), but a colleague has tuned in and said it was fine. A shaky start, but he seems to be settling in. But it must be a challenge, so-called “terrestrial” radio is in about as good shape as the newspaper biz these days, sadly.

While sometimes you can go home again, as the saying goes, many times you can’t. This goes way back, but there was a time after the death of the legendary (and still much-mourned) Glenn Brenner that Warner Wolf returned to D.C. from New York to handle sports on Channel 9, which then (if not necessarily now) was a powerhouse of the TV-news scene. It just didn’t seem to have the same excitement level as Wolf’s earlier stint on his way up, and eventually fizzled out.

Time will tell how the reincarnation of Don Geronimo goes. Having enjoyed his show back in the day, gotta wish him nothing but the best.

LAST MAN STANDING: There was an item in our Fairfax County local-history column this week about the county’s political situation in the fall of 1987.

Not only was there a really nasty race for Board of Supervisors chairman going on between incumbent Republican Jack Herrity and Democrat Audrey Moore, but in the Dranesville District, there was an equally hot-tempered race being waged by incumbent Republican Nancy Falck, Democrat Lilla Richards and independent Robert Thoburn, a conservative whose entire point of being in that race was to split the GOP vote and oust his nemesis Falck. (It worked; Richards won despite the district leaning Republican back then.)

A much younger – nay, perhaps even boyish – Scotty covered that race. And is the sole survivor of this item, since Herrity, Moore, Falck, Richards and Thoburn have all gone up to the great polling place in the sky at various times over the years. Richards was the last still with us, but she passed last September.

THEY CALLED A STEEEEEEE-RIKE! Also from the local-history column, back from this coming week in 1958, pressmen (and yes, it was an all-male profession) at the Washington Star and Washington Evening News had just gone out on strike, and their counterparts at the Washington Post and Washington Times-Herald were expected to do so the next morning.

(Geez, four daily newspapers for D.C.? Those were the days …)

Around that same era, the Northern Virginia Sun began a long and contentious union battle with its typographers, I think, one that lasted for years and years but never stopped the paper from getting out. It must have been settled at some point, or we’d still have 130-year-old former staffers walking the picket line outside our office, right?

  • Scott McCaffrey
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