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Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Book me (get it?) into 'library jail'

Editor’s Notebook: Book me (get it?) into ‘library jail’

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As is my wont, I went onto the fabulous Internet last week and selected some books from various branches of Arlington’s library system that were to be delivered to Shirlington Library and then picked up by yours truly for perusal and enjoyment.

(A very good system, by the way, and while it was in place before the Wuhan Unpleasantness, it has been improved upon over time.)

Getting notification that they were on hand, I schlepped my sorry behind over to Shirlington, past the ol’ homestead, yesterday afternoon, went to the shelves where the holds are, picked up the books that were waiting and went to the check-yourself-out area to take care of business.

After I scanned the first one, a notification popped up to see a staffer. Uh-oh.


Turns out I’d picked up one more book than had been reserved under my name, and was attempting — inadvertently, your honor, I swear! — to check it out even though it was reserved for another patron. And apparently there are safeguards in place to prevent such things from happening. No flashing red lights and a net dropped over me, but safeguards nonetheless.

I apologized profusely for messing things up, but received absolution rather than a stint in the library pokey, if such a thing exists. If it does, maybe they call it the “Dewey Decimal Slammer” — hey’ it’s early in the day and that’s the best I could come up with.

WE ALL HAVE OUR QUIRKS: We’ve all got our own idiosyncrasies here at Sun Gazette World Headquarters, and readers of the sports section might have noticed over the fall season is that our coverage refers to “runningbacks” rather than the more traditional “running backs.”

This is an innovation of sports editor (or perhaps I should say “sportseditor”) Dave Facinoli, whose reasoning is that if quarterback is a one-word position, runningback should be, as well.

There’s a certain logic to that. A bit deranged, some might contend, but then again, the news staff has been around here for a loooooooong time. Cut us some slack for attempting to mildly amuse ourselves along the way.

  • Scott McCaffrey
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