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Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Back when we kept calm and carried on

Editor’s Notebook: Back when we kept calm and carried on

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Here’s one from the history file, back this week in 1957.

As Scooby Doo might have put it: Ruh-roh! Looks like five possible cases of the feared Asiatic flu have been reported in Arlington County, part of an outbreak that is spanning the globe.

And just like our current pandemic, the rush was on to come up with a vaccine to ameliorate the negative impacts of that particular flu on victims.


(“Ameliorate”? Call me Bobby Bigword this morning!)

According to our coverage back then, vaccines were expected to be available in 45 to 60 days.

Speaking of pandemics, we have coverage this morning updating the COVID situation in Arlington. Take a look!

THE ETERNAL CHICKEN FIGHT (OR: “CLUCK ME? NO, CLUCK YOU!”) : Another one from the history file, this one back this coming week in 1945.

Some Arlington residents have been raising a stink, so to speak, about the odor of chickens their neighbors are keeping, according to Northern Virginia Sun that week rounding out the first month of peace since the Japanese surrender.

Guess it wasn’t so much about chicken droppings (or chicken nuggets, or chicken boom-boom, call it what you will) as more broadly about the general odor of chickens. Then again, we probably stink to them, as well.

Ah, the eternal battle of the chicken-keepers vs. those who don’t want them anywhere near them. Arlington went through that a decade or so (time flies) in Arlington, where urban-hipsters, and those who aspired to be, tried to force the acceptance of chickens in certain neighborhoods.

In the end, turned out to be a tale, told by an idiot (me!), full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. (Shakespeare never lets us down with pithy quotes.) The chicken keepers didn’t get their wish, but that’s not to say some people aren’t still keeping the li’l stinkers, surreptitiously.

CHECKING IN WITH … WALTER TEJADA! It’s been seven years (wowsie!) since Walter Tejada rotated off Arlington County Board service, but we see each other around the community now and again. Always good to check in with him.

Yesterday the checking in was done electronically at the monthly board meeting of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, where he serves as a Virginia appointee.

We’ll have some coverage coming up for those of you who remember back to the time, not so long ago, when Tejada served in elected office.

– Scott McCaffrey

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