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Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: Back when rock groups made house calls

Editor’s Notebook: Back when rock groups made house calls

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Or at least, in this case, they played at local high schools.

Let’s take the wayback machine all the way back to this weekend in 1971. Yep, painful as this sounds, it was 50 fun-lovin’ years ago.

And at George C. Marshall High School, they were gearing up for two concerts by that seminal British group, the Kinks.

The Northern Virginia Sun article wasn’t quite clear, or maybe I have just forgotten, whether the concerts were mostly designed for students, or if the broader community was invited. I’m guessing the latter.


Count me as a fan of the Kinks and their leader, Ray Davies. (That’s be “Sir Ray Davies” ever since he got a knighthood.) The music holds up all these years later, and because I can now embed videos in these blogs, of course there will be one down at the bottom. Have fun with it!

ALSO IN THIS HISTORY FILE THIS WEEK: Since we’re on the topic of history, here are some others from this week, courtesy the Sun’s pages:

  • Back this week in 1965, players from the Washington [Redacted] football team were set to play a group of media all-stars at Washington-[Redacted] High School, to raise funds for the Boys Clubs of Greater Washington.
  • That same edition noted that Jack Benny was coming to town, appearing in concert with the National Symphony Orchestra at Constitution Hall.
  • In the March 25, 1971, edition, it was noted that the Arlington real-estate tax rate for the coming year would be $3.83 per $100, unchanged from 1970.
  • And this week in 1989, a new national poll found that half of Americans surveyed believed the District of Columbia was both the nation’s most corrupt city, and its most dangerous.
  • Scott McCaffrey
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