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Thursday, September 29, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: As G. Gordon Liddy would say: ‘Ye suckers!’

Editor’s Notebook: As G. Gordon Liddy would say: ‘Ye suckers!’

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One of the benefits put forward for legalizing Marry G. Wanna is that by no longer making it illegal, all the criminal elements that traffic in it will simply – poof! – disappear.

According to new reporting from the Los Angeles Times (OK, I saw it on a Twitter headline and didn’t delve any further), legalizing the wacky tobacky actually has been leading to more illicit trafficking and all the ills that come with it.

Shocker: The gub’mint encourages use by legalizing something, then the folks who have been making millions while it was illegal decide they actually don’t want to go away. So they’re able to undercut the cost of the legal stuff (with its hefty taxes) and find a willing clientele.

Really, is there anyone so obtuse to not have seen that coming?

KINDA MADE OUR POINT FOR US: A letter-writer (and we love our letter-writers!) recently responded to our editorial, the one lamenting all the hoops that good teachers in the public schools have to go through simply to do their jobs well.

The writer took objection to some of our points, and said that what Virginia public-school teachers needed was an across-the-board $10,000 raise.

Kinda made our point why the top teachers are pretty demoralized. They’re busting their patooties, and the solution is to give the teachers who are phoning it in the same raise as the ones who are really working hard? Yep, I can see what that would hack off the hard-workers.

Then again, unionized bureaucracies seem to exist to protect those who are hardly working at the expense of those who are working hard, so it should come as no real surprise.

AIN’T NO ‘PROBABLY’ ABOUT IT: “Biden Victory Lap Probably Premature” notes USA Today on its front page this morning.

And yes, yesterday’s Big Biden Boogaloo party (with James Taylor!) to celebrate the “inflation-reduction act” did seem a tad out of place what with the new, raging inflation numbers and the resulting stock market sell-off. (Glad all my condo cash is in T-bills and it’s only my retirement plan that took a pounding …)

Democrats may not want inflation to be the seminal issue of the 2022 midterms, but at this point it’s looking like it is going to be. And that means the hapless Republicans are back in the game.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BIG GUY! A special U.S. military event will be held on Thursday to commemorate the 165th birthday of the first president buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

Nope, not John Kennedy; there’s a long way to go until his 165th, and I will most assuredly not be around to cover it.

We’re talking William Howard Taft, who is interred in Section 30 at the cemetery.

Our huskiest of presidents, and one who didn’t really want the job but was prodded by his then-friend and future enemy Teddy Roosevelt to do it, Taft is the only man to serve at separate times as president and chief justice.

In addition to being one of two presidents buried at Arlington, he also is on of four chief justices, having been joined by the most recently deceased three of William Rehnquist, Warren Burger and Early Warren.

–Scott McCaffrey

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