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Friday, February 3, 2023
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: Are you people nuts?

Editor’s Notebook: Are you people nuts?

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The Falls Church News-Press – a bellwether of modern-day journalistic excellence if there ever was one – had an online poll recently that asked its readers whether, if they had been fully vaccinated against the Wuhan sniffles of death, “have you gone into any places without a mask?”

All told, 52 percent of the respondents said no, they had not gone into any places “commando” despite being juiced up with Dr. Fauci’s love potion.

OK, OK, so that figure probably is a little skewed upward because virtue-signalers love to have their say in these non-scientific polls. But even discounting that, the question remains: Really, people? You’re still masked even though the COVID poses effectively zero threat to you and even though it appears almost impossible for the inoculated to transmit it to others even if it is floating around their systems?


It’s clearly a subconscious cry for intervention having much more to do with politics than with health – apparently folks in Northern Virginia continue to believe that mask-wearing is their act of defiance against a president who has been out of office for almost 6 months now. He’s gone, folks, so why does the Don-Don still have such a hold over your psyches?

Anyway, I say this with love: If you’re still wandering around looking like you’re about to perform open-heart surgery even though you’re inoculated and good to go, stop and ask yourself why. Because public health most assuredly isn’t the reason.

A FRIDAY-AFTERNOON NEWS DUMP: Two reasons to suspect that Arlington officials were well aware reaction to the announcement of a new police chief was not going to engender a positive response:

  • The news that Andy Penn would be moving up from acting chief to permanent chief was released on Friday afternoon, the traditional dumping ground for news stories those in government want to see die over the weekend.
  • A few hours later, Sheriff Beth Arthur came out with a statement in support of the appointment, which seemed, mmmm, odd. As if government officials were trying to convince themselves they had done the right thing. (Or, as a colleague in the local press corps[e] put it: “Circling the wagons.”)

Much like the search for a new Arlington superintendent of schools a year back, we were told there would be a national quest – only to find, in the case of the superintendent, someone working next door in Fairfax, and in the case of the police chief, someone already in the building.

Was the fix in from the start with this police appointment, or was it a case of nobody from outside the department really wanting the job? If only there was a little transparency in these types of selections, we might learn a thing or two … but that ain’t going to happen, rest assured.

SPEAKING OF THE POLICE-CHIEF APPOINTMENT: It is one thing for civic activists to take to social media to criticize things like this appointment. Fair enough. But holy macaroni, for those within the county-government bureaucracy itself to do so? They must have a career-self-immolation fetish.

Trust kindly Uncle Scotty on this one: The powers that be will be taking names and keeping tabs on those within the ranks who took to Facebook et al and voiced their discontent. Those so delusional to think they are so insulated from retribution that they feel free to make incendiary public statements may find out to their chagrin that is not the case.

  • Scott McCaffrey
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