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Friday, March 24, 2023
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Anyone seen a wayward stove?

Editor’s Notebook: Anyone seen a wayward stove?

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It’s going to be all about me-me-me today, and unrepentantly so!

Yesterday was the day a new washer/dryer, stove and dishwasher were to be installed in Casa de Scotty, not to mention the final adventure in plumbing that saw the 40-year-old spigots underneath the kitchen and bathroom sinks replaced and new faucets put in.

The washder/dryer came in without problem; the dishwasher turned out to be the wrong size (I knew it!) and had to go back and a new one ordered; but the real head-scratcher was the oven/stove, which was supposed to be on one of the two trucks but never materialized on either.

It’s apparently still in the hands of Bray & Scarff, from whence I purchased it, but exactly where it is at the moment unknown. (For the record, this is no dig at Bray & Scarff, which has been fine to work with during this renovation project.)


So if you happen so see a stove on the lam somewhere, try to corral it so it can get to where it belongs — my kitchen!

SPEAKING OF ME, AS WE WERE: I happened to go to the condo office in Shirlington to pick up something, and the lovely lady in the office mentioned how she was always so glad to see me, because I was always so pleasant.

Pleasant? Me? Even I was surprised at that one.

But yes, I can certainly be pleasant, and definitely with folks who provide needed services like the support of a condo association.

AND YET MORE ABOUT ME: This weekend I toodle up the New Jersey where my late grandfather, George “Sammy” Moyer,” is being inducted into the Phillipsburg High School Sports Hall of Fame for his prowess on the gridiron.

He’ll be in the second class of inductees; he already is in the Lafayette College Sports Hall of Fame. Lafayette had been slated for a big bowl-game appearance in 1941, but then the Japanese went and bombed Pearl Harbor (boo!) and all the college boys were handed guns and told to get shootin’ in the direction of the Axis Powers.

My grandfather got a nicer-than-most Army assignment: As a sergeant, he spent three years in Key West, teaching our boys headed overseas to swim. Kind of an important skill what with all the U-boats hanging around during the first part of the war.

Anyway, should be fun to see a lot of relatives whom I’ve not seen during the pandemic unpleasantness. Alas, the sports prowess died out in succeeding generations, although both my mother and her sister were high-school cheerleaders. It was my aunt who taught a very young Scotty the famous cheer “rah-rah-ree, kick ’em in the knee; rah-rah-ruts, kick ’em in the [pause] other knee.” I do not think my mother was happy with that … at all.

  • Scott McCaffrey

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