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Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: Another step on the road to normalcy, one hopes

Editor’s Notebook: Another step on the road to normalcy, one hopes

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Based on a missive from its president, it appears the Arlington County Civic Federation will return next week to its first in-person monthly meeting since the Wuhan Unpleasantness arrived in March 2020.

The meeting is slated for the traditional gathering place – the Hazel Auditorium at Virginia Hospital Center (now VHC Health, right?). For those who do not wish to come in person, there will be an online option.

Online had been the only option for the past two years, but like many organizations, the Civic Federation appearsw to be feeling it’s time to give people the chance to get back in person. Seems reasonable, particularly when there is still the chance to watch the meeting in real-time online.

Yours truly is still working out whether to come in person or watch online. My health concerns are minimal; it is a question of logistics. As coverage of Arlington County Democratic Committee meetings (which also are in a hybrid format now) has proved, while it’s nice to be face to face, it’s in some ways much easier, for coverage purposes, to watch online and, during the down time that always happens at such events, knock out coverage of what had previously transpired.


So we’ll see. But either way, glad to have the Civic Federation coming back in person.

FAIRFAX SUPERVISORS’ LETTER HIGHLIGHTS RIFT? There are nine Fairfax County supervisors of the Democratic persuasion, and eight of them recently signed on to a letter criticizing the Virginia House of Delegates’ Democratic caucus for ousting leader Eileen Filler-Corn last week.

The one Democrat who didn’t sign was Supervisor Rodney Lusk (D-Lee).

Inquiring minds may come to their own conclusions — we inquired but as of right now have not heard back from him — but whatever the reason, it shows a rift among supervisors on the issue.

One does wonder if this letter was a wise thing for the Board of Supervisors eightsome to embark on? Yes, it’s possible that the ouster of Filler-Corn (from Fairfax) will somehow hurt the county in Richmond. But it also could be construed as another case of local officials not swimming in their own lanes.

The interference probably will not be appreciated by any Democrats in the House of Delegates, no matter which side of the Filler-Corn brouhaha they are on.

– Scott McCaffrey

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