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Saturday, January 28, 2023
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: Another sign age is creeping up

Editor’s Notebook: Another sign age is creeping up

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The signs of aging are not new here in Scott-land, and yesterday was a reminder that when one hits a certain age (though still being the baby of the Sun Gazette newsroom), it pays to write things down.

As I was wandering over to Subway near Sun Gazette World Headquarters to get a lunchtime sandwich yesterday, I came up with a perfect analogy: a fun 1970s song that could be used to explain what was going on in the Arlington County Democratic Committee School Board caucus race.

It was, if I say so myself, brilliant. Only problem was, when 5 p.m. came around and I sat down to write … I had no recollection what the song was. Zip, zero, nada.

Maybe it’ll come back, and if so, there’s always sometime next week!


EVERY DAY IS A LEARNING CURVE: Hopefully you are enjoying our new Website, which was designed to provide all the features of the previous site with new offerings, all in a package that is clean and easy to read.

However, moving from one site (hosted by GoDaddy) to another (a WordPress site via Kinsta) has engendered a lot of learning curve for the decidedly non-techies among us, myself included. But so far so good.

Every day brings something new. Yesterday, I learned how to post photo slideshows in the new system, and a day before, learned to send out our twice-a-week notifications that our editions have been posted online.

(Side note: The percentage of those getting those notifications who both open it, and then click through to our home page, is off the charts, according to how such things are analyzed. It may not be a surprise, since all these folks previously had signed up for them, but it’s still good to see so many people going to the site and spending some time with it.)

Pretty much now, everything on the new site is now in clean-up mode, and after we do that we can move forward on some new initiatives.

Comments are always welcome. Everybody knows how to reach me (don’t I know it …).

INTERESTING NEW WAY TO GAUGE THE REAL-ESTATE MARKET: We’ll have coverage coming up on a new initiative by Bright MLS, the region’s multiple-listing service, to provide some forward-looking data and analysis on the local real-estate market down to the ZIP-code level.

Fun fact: At the top of the ranking, from our Sun Gazette coverage areas in Arlington and Fairfax counties, in terms of the strength of the forward-looking market, were 22201 and 22204, one in North Arlington and the other in South Arlington.

Watch for the full coverage. I think it’s going to be in today’s Weekend edition, but as this is typed things are sort of in flux. As noted earlier, the mind wanders when one reaches a certain age …

  • Scott McCaffrey
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