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Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: An odd coupling, indeed

Editor’s Notebook: An odd coupling, indeed

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As has been the case in recent months, the Dec. 1 Arlington County Democratic Committee meeting was held in person, but also broadcast online via YouTube for those unable to attend.

Technological gremlins – the bane of modern existence – were in evidence. The meeting began about 15 minutes past its scheduled 7 p.m. start time when the YouTube connection proved unstable. (I was among those tuned in, and many would argue I’m a little unstable, myself …)

Far worse, indeed horrific, from a Democratic point of view: Midway through the meeting, the screen that was used for PowerPoint presentations at the meeting suddenly started serving up the sounds of . . . Tucker Carlson on FOX News.

“We’ve never had THAT before at a meeting,” party chair Jill Caiazzo chuckled.


Neither Russian collusion nor a dirty trick from an opposition party was suspected as the culprit – but I’m still trying to noodle through how it happened.

Kind of reminds me of the day, years ago, when state Sen. Barbara Favola accidentally walked into the Arlington County Republican Committee meeting, being held in the same building but one room over from her intended destination, an Arlington Gay & Lesbian Alliance awards event.

Favola looked around, surmised her error and retreated to the right room. All’s well that ends well, as some author once put it 🙂

FAIR AND BALANCED, ALL THE WAY: A “teaser” promo on the front page of the Sunday print edition of The Washington Post (motto: “Has anyone even noticed that Patricia Sullivan is gone?”) made reference to a “newly radicalized court” – as in Supreme Court.

That phrase no doubt was part of a commentary piece deep inside the paper. But putting it up there above the fold on the front seemed a cheap attempt to commingle fact and opinion.

Remembered when, to borrow from the BBC “britcom” featuring Hyancinth (“Boo-kay”) Bucket, the paper I refer to as the Bezos Bulletin at least feigned keeping up appearances that it was nonpartisan in its coverage? Sigh.

CHRISTMAS IS ALL WRAPPED UP: The holiday season doesn’t really hit me until I spend an hour or so over a weekend wrapping Christmas gifts for the remaining family down in Florida (state motto: “Nobody gets out of here alive, and that includes McCaffreys”).

This past Saturday was the day. Everything got wrapped up, stuffed into an appropriately sized box (scrounged from the office), taken over to the Falls Church Post Office Sunday to be weighed (14 pounds, ergo $44.05 to get it down there) and today it’ll be dropped off and on its way.

At least that’s one thing off what is becoming an increasingly complicated December to-do list!

– Scott McCaffrey

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