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Sunday, November 27, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: A weekend of blueberries and ice cream?

Editor’s Notebook: A weekend of blueberries and ice cream?

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We’ll have coverage coming up of the annual Kiwanis Club of Arlington blueberry-palooza, as at least 10,000 pounds of the health-laden little berries are being distributed in coming days in the club’s biggest fund-raiser of the year.

(Those who go back a while will remember when the big Kiwanis fund-raiser was the annual oyster roast, held at the height of election season so as to draw in candidates as sponsors. A fine event, indeed, but ultimately it became too expensive – those raw oysters are pricey! – and labor-intensive, and was scrapped.)

If you’ve got your 10-pound box of Kiwanis blueberries in hand, perhaps you can toodle on over to not one but two Democratic ice-cream socials this weekend. The Arlington County Democratic Committee will be holding one on Saturday, and Patrick Hope (who has been doing his for more than a decade) will be holding his on Sunday.


IN-PERSON OR ONLINE? EVERYONE IS GOING TO HAVE TO START CHOOSING UP SIDES: We will have coverage today that the Arlington County Republican Committee is resuming in-person monthly meetings, starting next week.

The GOP attempted to do so last fall, but when cases spiked across the commonwealth and harsher gathering restrictions were reimposed, the party had to go back to online. But come Tuesday evening, they’ll be out and about at Crystal City Sports Pub.

So far, Arlington Democrats are not planning to follow suit. The next meeting of the Dems (July 7) is slated as a Zoom meeting, as has been the case since the onset of the pandemic.

I imagine many within the Democratic rank-and-file are eager to get back to the person-to-person gatherings, but some are probably a little skittish to do so at this point. So the party may have a more challenging tight-rope to walk as it preps for a post-pandemic world.

(If anybody can successfully pull off a hybrid meeting, with in-person and online options available simultaneously, I’m wagering it’s the Arlington Democrats. They certainly have the organizational can-do spirit.)

TAKING A TRIP IN THE WAYBACK MACHINE: As we noted in coverage yesterday, editions of the Northern Virginia Sun from 1935 to 1978 are now available in digital format through an effort of the Library of Virginia and the Center for Local History of the Arlington library system. (Ye Olde Sun Gazette, the successor to and copyright-holder of some of those old Sun editions, gladly gave its blessing to the endeavor.)

As noted in the article, I did a little test by typing in the name of the venerated Ellen Bozman into the search engine to see what came up, an a lot did. And it was interesting to see the name Carl Hilinski, a longtime reporter/editor in the local area, as the byline on the first article I clicked on, one from 1977 when Bozman was running for re-election against Sherman “Sherm” Pratt.

That race was before my time, but later in their lives I knew and enjoyed the association with both Bozman and Pratt. Both are up there in civic-engagement heaven, waiting for the eventual arrival of each of us.

  • Scott McCaffrey
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