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Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: A thumb in the eye, indeed!

Editor’s Notebook: A thumb in the eye, indeed!

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If you doubt me, there are those who can confirm it: I predicted not long after Jason Miyares was elected Virginia’s next attorney general that he might find a place for former Arlington/Falls Church Commonwealth’s Attorney Theo Stamos in his office.

I was off in my guess of what position she would fill, but Miyares fulfilled the basic outline of my prophecy: Two days ago, he announced that she would be joining the office in a newly created senior position.

His announcement probably led to some heart palpitations among the George Soros-backed prosecutors in Northern Virginia, including Parisa Dehghani-Tafti, who defeated two-term incumbent Stamos in the 2019 Democratic primary. Hell hath no fury like a politician who got knocked off under an onslaught of out-of-state special-interest money.

From the job title, it doesn’t look as if Stamos’s primary role is going to be to keep an eye on those prosecutors. But multi-tasking is the way of the world these days, and by picking her, Miyares certainly poked his thumb in the eye of some of the Northern Virginia chief prosecutors.


Elections, as they say, indeed do have consequences.

LET THE LOCALITIES PAY FOR IT! Poop, as they say, rolls downhill.

Well, technically, there was another word used for “poop” by a former boss of mine, who (this being back in the day) said that for every time I got screamed at by him I should take it out on my own underlings. For the most part, I did not follow that advice, although some days I certainly wished I had.

In this case, we take the wayback machine to Jan. 13-14, 1976, where Mills Godwin (then serving his second term as governor, this time as a Republican) blasted the ever increasing costs to the state government of the planned Metrorail system.

His solution? Local governments in Northern Virginia should pick up more of the costs, Godwin said.

Yep, from the very moment of its conception, the Metro system has been a game of fiscal hot-potato, passed along like a doobie at an eighth-grade slumber party.

  • Scott McCaffrey

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