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Tuesday, June 22, 2021
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: A Rocky Raccoon update

Editor’s Notebook: A Rocky Raccoon update

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Eagle-eyed readers will recall the blog of a few days ago when I noted that, here in the otherwise lovely Sun Gazette World Headquarters building in Falls Church, we’ve had a nocturnal visitor in the form of a raccoon.

He/she didn’t make it into our office, but did make a ruckus in the CPA firm next door and the lawyers’ office down the hall.

(Isn’t the real question: What the heck is the Sun Gazette doing in such rarified company as a CPA and lawyer? We must be amusing to them in some way, as they tolerate us.)

Anyway, traps went into the attic area over the weekend, and on Tuesday, the guy coming to check was pulling one down with a large (and presumably not very happy) raccoon inside.

Now, I’m going to assume they took him/her to a wooded area and let him/her go. Wouldn’t want any harm to come to any animals. But that, as they say, is above my pay grade, and I am asking no questions.

Now we’ll get to see if it was just one wayward raccoon, or if we’re talking about more.

As an aside, the second time I ended up with mice in my condo, I opted for the nuclear option – going to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington in January 2020 and acquiring Albert the Wonder Cat. And although he’s got a charming personality coupled with sharp claws, I don’t think Albert would be able to convince raccoons to skedaddle they way he did the mice.

Will keep you posted.

COLOR ME A TAD CONCERNED: In the article of a couple of days ago about a Republican leader in Arlington wondering whether the county’s Democratic leadership tipped the scales to favor one School Board member over another, something was glossed over in coverage (my fault) that is worth coming back to.

Apparently, if I read Matthew Hurtt’s missive correctly, it was possible for everyone to see the vote totals, in almost real-time, throughout the week-long voting period by way of the online-voting method used by Democrats.

Is that how it worked? If so, is anyone else besides me a little skittish about it?

The last thing I would accuse Arlington Democrats of is any deliberate malfeasance (it’s a well-oiled and to my knowledge scrupulously honest political machine). But knowing how the votes were piling up does remind me of those days when Mayor Daley (the Elder) would hold the Chicago ballot boxes until the rest of Illinois had voted in presidential and statewide elections, to have them magically appear with just enough votes to carry his preferred candidates to victory.

Again, not saying that’s the case here. But if Democrats decide to keep online voting as their prime nominating options going forward, seems like this is something people should think about. Maybe there are some positives by keeping a running public tab on the votes, but I’m not seeing them.

  • Scott McCaffrey
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