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Friday, March 31, 2023
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: A re-examination of school-resource-officer policies?

Editor’s Notebook: A re-examination of school-resource-officer policies?

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The Arlington Sun Gazette’s editorial page this week will have some thoughts on the possibility that Arlington School Board members could decide to rescind their previous removal of school-resource officers from schools, based on the tragedy last week in Texas.

(Were one a betting person, one would not count on it happening. That would require admission of error in enacting the SRO-ban policy in the first place. Being a School Board member apparently never means having to say you were wrong … or sorry, for that matter.)

No surprise to see our local elected officials acting par for the course in putting out statements politicizing and trying to capitalize on the Texas tragedy. These days, that’s the stand-in for real leadership: pandering with platitudes.

As I said up front, we’ll have editorial comment on the situation this week. I’m sure local elected officials can’t wait …..


IT’S CALLED ‘TEMPTING FATE’: I happened to be reading through a few online responses (why? why???) of a national news site – a rather unreputable one, but aren’t they all? – when I came across someone bitching that people had stopped masking up.

“Lewis” said he was still masked, then predicted, “I promise most of you this … I’ll live longer than you.”

Well, Lewis, there are a million wacky ways to die — heck, a wayward meteorite could have your name on it as we speak — and tempting fate is kinda dumb. But best of luck on the longevity front, nonetheless.

SIX OF ONE, HALF-DOZEN OF THE OTHER: A letter-writer’s missive this past week noted that “your recent coverage concerning the achievement gap in Arlington Public Schools was thoughtful rather than the usual hysteria.”

I read that over and over and over again, and kept going back and forth on whether the writer meant community hysteria, or Sun Gazette hysteria.

I tip my hat to anyone who can simultaneously write with clarity, yet leave the door open for multiple interpretations. Kudos!

– Scott McCaffrey

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