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Monday, October 18, 2021
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: A question for Arlington School Board candidates

Editor’s Notebook: A question for Arlington School Board candidates

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The Arlington branch of the NAACP tonight holds its annual candidate forum, and among those participating will be contenders for School Board.

The moderator – Wilma Jones Kilgo – is a seasoned pro at this and certainly needs no help from me. Nonetheless, I’m going to suggest a question.

It goes something like this:

“The CDC is out with a major study of the health implications of students being locked out of schools for a year or more. It found America’s young people got significantly fatter during that period, leaving them not only more at risk for serious complications from COVID, but with the potential of a life’s worth of physical ailments down the road. The study also found that those in minority and less affluent communities were most impacted. Do you believe Arlington Public Schools, with a return-to-school policy that many say was too little, too late, bears any responsibility for putting students at risk in the way the CDC study confirmed has occurred in such an inequitable manner?”

Just saying’ … it might be worth asking. And, being a member of the clean-plate society, I know the irony of me asking it.

KANNINEN TO THE RESCUE: In case anyone believes all I do is crap all over school leaders across Northern Virginia, here’s a positive piece of news about one.

Arlington School Board Chairman Barbara Kanninen had tuned in on her computer to watch last week’s Arlington Civic Federation meeting, which included a presentation on the school-bond referendum.

When the questions, and criticisms, started coming in hot and heavy about school spending on one particular item (an entrance to the new Shriver Program, which shares space with H-B Woodlawn), Kanninen jumped in to provide some information that participants otherwise wouldn’t have had.

It was helpful, because otherwise things would have devolved into a case of the blind leading the blind, with nobody having the facts of the matter.

FREE-AND-WORTH-EVERY-PENNY POLITICAL ADVICE: As regular readers know, my free-and-worth-the-price political advice is proffered to all sides. No favorites here.

But I did come up with what might be a good mailer for Republicans in Virginia as they target those large chunks of the public are growing disenchanted with our seemingly disengaged and increasingly hapless president.

Front side of the mailer? Use a picture of President Biden in one of his more dazed and confused moments (they are not hard to find).

Back side of the mailer? Ask this question: “Had enough? C’mon, man, vote Republican!”

Get what I did there? 😊

Don’t worry, Democrats, I’ll pass along some political ideas to you as they pop up in my cranium. Kinda of like Herbert Hoover did when he was a Cabinet secretary in the administration of Calvin Coolidge. Toward the end of his tenure, Coolidge was heard to gripe: “That man has been giving me unsolicited advice for six years … all of it bad.”

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