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Thursday, September 29, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: A housing milestone in retreat?

Editor’s Notebook: A housing milestone in retreat?

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It was last November, well before many people expected, that the average sales price of a single-family home in Fairfax County in the monthly data surpassed the seven-figure mark.

It had been at that level in Arlington for some time, but for it to get there in the behemoth that is Fairfax County suggested that the market really was a little out of control.

The average sales price slipped back under the $1 million mark in Fairfax last December, but then starting in January began a seven-month streak above it.

As our coverage of recent days noted, that streak ended last month, when the average sales price for single-family homes dipped back below $1 million – down to about $972,000, in fact.

A mere blip, or an indication that the market is correcting a bit? Hold on and stay tuned.

THE PUBLIC KNOWS BEST: The Alexandria Times newspaper, which has that city’s public-school system in its crosshairs and is not letting up, recently allowed the public take a few whacks at school leaders, too.

The newspaper’s weekly poll — online, not scientific — asked if respondents thought the school district was doing the right thing by de-emphasizing homework.

The common-sense folks of Alexandria got it right: 80 percent said it was a bad idea, 14 percent said it was a good idea and 6 percent went online to say they weren’t sure.

SIGN, SIGN, EVERYWHERE-A-SIGN: Longtime readers know that the main reason I critique the quality of campaign signage during election season each year is to sneak in a video of that groovy Five-Man Electrical Band from the groovy (though it pre-dates me) early 1970s. And we will get to that shortly.

But if you’re driving into Arlington from Fairfax County or Falls Church, where election season is more or less dormant, the median signage in Arlington is a jolt. Of course, it’s always election season in A-town.

The good news for connoisseurs of high-caliber sign design? The signage for most of the individual candidates of various political persuasions looks quite good. Although the Democrats’ joint sign for Don Beyer, Matt de Ferranti and Bethany Sutton is not quite as nice. (Sorry if you designed it… nothing personal… just calling ’em like I sees ’em. It’s just personal aesthetics, after all.)

One sign design I have changed my thinking on is the one touting independent School Board candidate James “Vell” Reeves. I initially didn’t like the color scheme at all, but have come around to thinking that it stands out effectively. Who says I have a closed mind?

Anyhoo, therewith the critique. And while some do not like the proliferation of signages on medians during election season, I think of it as a testament to a robust political discourse, even in the People’s Republic of A-town where the results, more often than not, are foregone conclusions.

And herewith, the Five-Man Electrical Band:

– Scott McCaffrey

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