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Friday, March 24, 2023
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: A fork in the road among legislators

Editor’s Notebook: A fork in the road among legislators

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[As Homer Simpson would put it: “Mmmmmm…. fork!” But I digress…]

With Democrats back in the minority in the House of Delegates, it seems as if delegates from our coverage areas in Arlington and Fairfax counties are taking one of two tacks in approaching bills dropped in the hopper for 2022:

>> Some lawmakers are going the minimalist route, only introducing measures that would seem to have a semblance of a chance of passage in the Republican body.

>> Others seem to be going the other way: Purposely putting in left-leaning measures that clearly have no chance of passage but will help burnish those legislators’ bona-fides with the hard left that continues to exercise a strong pull on Virginia’s Democratic establishment.


Not going to connect any names to either of those two categories; they know who they are and, for the rest of us, a perusal of the Virginia Legislative Information System, which chronicles every bill proposed for this session, will prove illuminating.

SEEMS A LITTLE ODD: It was just a month ago that the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority held a board of directors meeting in person for the first time since the start of Ye Olde Pandemic. Was seen as a sign of progress.

But this month, the body retreated back behind the “virtual” wall of safety.

Fair enough, but for an organization whose long-term sustainability (to use a buzzword of the modern era) depends on the public being willing to get out and about and live their lives, hunkering back to an online presence does not seem too terribly reassuring, now does it?

  • Scott McCaffrey
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