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Thursday, June 30, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: A diabetic raccoon is on the loose

Editor’s Notebook: A diabetic raccoon is on the loose

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A couple of days ago, a raccoon managed to get into the office building that houses Sun Gazette World Headquarters (likely from the roof) and then gnawed his (or her) way through the ceiling panels into the office of the CPA firm right next to ours.

The offender was long gone by the time staff came in the next morning, but things in that office were left a little, shall we say, higgledy-piggledy.

In fact, the raccoon even managed to ransack the candy tray the firm had. (All these years as neighbors and I never knew they had one of those. And I’m a person who gets paid to observe …)

Anyway, a raccoon that is so hyped up on sugar he (or she) may be borderline diabetic at this point is not something we want running around the streets of Northern Virginia. On the other hand, this was no dumb-bunny raccoon. He (or she) knew there was no sense in breaking into a newspaper office. Nothing but broken dreams inside …. (hey-yo!).

I THINK WE’LL ALL BE GLAD TO GET TO JUNE 9: Wednesday brought the monthly Arlington County Democratic Committee meetings, and I think everybody (no matter one’s political persuasion) is getting a little tired of the Democratic-primary candidates jockeying for position and votes this last week of the campaign.

The Democratic primary is June 8; I think everyone will let out a sigh of “hallelujuah” once both Democrats and Republicans have their statewide tickets and we can go to sleep for three months until the general-election season begins in earnest.

GEEZ, AT LEAST BUY ME A DRINK FIRST: The cicadas largely have left me alone, although two did get on my pants over the weekend and surreptitiously made it into Casa de Scotty. (How a creature that is singing/humming/braying all the time can do anything “surreptitiously” is beyond me, but here we are.)

I gently removed those buggies and deposited them back outside so they could continue their search for love in what little time they have left on this earth. (Maybe they thought the same about me …)

But yesterday, taking a midday walk around Falls Church, a more aggressive cicada flew right into the back of my shirt and started wriggling his (or her) way deeper in.

It was a fun sensation, but I’m not a cheap date – you want to get to second base with me, you’d better take me to dinner beforehand.

  • Scott McCaffrey
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