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Tuesday, September 27, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: A Democratic celebration of achievements

Editor’s Notebook: A Democratic celebration of achievements

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Crystal City still kinda scares me, all these years later – mostly because despite my best efforts and a relatively simple street-grid layout, I can get lost there in a heartbeat.

(It’s me, not you, Crystal City, so don’t take it personally.)

But I did toodle my way over to C.C. on Saturday afternoon, found a parking spot on Army Navy Drive and covered the Arlington County Democratic Committee’s annual “Distinguished Democrat” ceremony. Inducted into the pantheon were Marjorie Hobart and Cragg Hines, and if you don’t know them, or of them, we have coverage of both coming up.

Good to check in with a host of Democrats, both those currently in office (the likes of Barbara Favola, Takis Karantonis, Patrick Hope, Adam Ebbin, Paul Ferguson et al); some who have been in office in the past; those who hope to be elected, or returned, to office soon; and just good ol’ Democratic activists, many of the seasoned-citizen variety. (My peeps!)

People who think I have a particularly political party to call my own are wrong; I just like to see politics practiced competently and despise when it’s done so amateurishly. And while my views on the issues may not align all the time with the Arlington County Demcoratic Committee’s, you can’t deny it’s a well-oiled machine that just keeps on keeping on. So it, and those involved in it, definitely have my respect.

A NEW GIG: One of those at the aforementioned Democratic event was Tannia Talento, who spent four years on the Arlington School Board before deciding it wasn’t for her (and who can blame anyone for coming to that sensible decision?).

Talento recently joined the staff of U.S. Sen. Mark Warner, where she’ll be playing a seminal role in the senator’s Northern Virginia operations.
Color me a fan of Talento. She told me she’s enjoying the new gig, and I’m sure she’ll be a strong addition to Warner’s team.

A SLOGAN THAT KEEPS ON GIVING: Here’s one from the history column, back to an upcoming edition of the Northern Virginia Sun in 1978.
The Fairfax County government has seen its bond rating upped to AAA – the best possible – from Standard & Poor’s, the newspaper reported.

For whatever reason, that item reminded me of the time (way before my time) when comedian Pat Paulsen used the popular “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In” TV show to launch a tongue-in-cheek bid for the presidency in 1968.

One of his sayings on the stump was that his administration would bring good government to the people, should he be elected. Or, as Paulsen put it: “We’ve upped our standards, now up yours!”

Back before his death (obviously), Paulsen was playing some comedy venue in D.C. and I cajoled a few people to go along. Fun time.

– Scott McCaffrey

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