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Friday, February 3, 2023
FairfaxOpinionEditorial: Will School Boards join Fauci and admit school shutdowns a mistake?

Editorial: Will School Boards join Fauci and admit school shutdowns a mistake?

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Type in the phrase “cover your backside” on the Internet and we’d guess that a photo of the sainted-by-some-reviled-by-others Dr. Anthony Fauci will pop up. In his decades as a bureaucratic infighter, he’s learned to take credit when things go right and leave no fingerprints for bad decision-making and faulty judgment.

And – perhaps better late than never – the good doctor has acknowledged what some have known for a very long time: Excessive school lockdowns following COVID’s arrival were, on balance, a bad thing for students.
A really bad thing for many students.

Gotta hand it to Dr. Fauci for chutzpah. With a straight face, he has disavowed any responsibility for the decision-making involved. Wait: His histrionics weren’t a factor at all? There are people who actually buy this line?

But anyway, with the face of COVID response now acknowledging the faulty decision-making, how about Northern Virginia school districts follow his lead? They locked down too hard and in most cases far too long, and had Democrat Terry McAuliffe won the governor’s race last November, we can only imagine that local school leaders would be ready to do it again at the drop of a hat, crazy as that sounds and even as the evidence of catastrophic academic and emotional carnage piles up.


It’s not that hard, school leaders. We’ll help. Just say: “We thought it was the right approach but we were wrong. We’re sorry. We will learn from the experience.”

But in today’s environment, when even the education of children is hyperpoliticized, don’t expect a mea-culpa. Apologies are not how local school leaders roll.

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