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Wednesday, November 30, 2022
ArlingtonOpinionEditorial: Time to scrap polling-place names?

Editorial: Time to scrap polling-place names?

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With the current renaming mania sweeping to woke corners of Arlington, county election officials might be wise to follow up on a matter tangentially touched upon at a recent Electoral Board meeting.

In a discussion of changing the name of “Glebe” precinct to “Drew” to more closely align it to its polling place (Charles Drew Elementary School), at least one Electoral Board member tossed out the idea of dumping names of precincts altogether, and simply going with their numbers.

Free advice from the curmudgeonly ol’ Sun Gazette: That would be a smart move. Because among the 54 names of precincts, there are landmines a’plenty that will be targeted for eradication over a host of sins. (Let’s just start with “Taylor” – it doesn’t stand for James, you know. Ol’ Zachary is decidedly on the hit list of the renamers.)


One local official, a Democrat, likes to say with sarcastic irony after members of his/her own party go nutty on one thing or another: “This is why we can’t have nice things.” While it’s nice to have names to identify polling places, given the culture wars that are being imposed on us these days, maybe just kill the names as a pre-emptive move.

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