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Tuesday, June 22, 2021
FairfaxOpinionEditorial: School Boards start showing their true colors

Editorial: School Boards start showing their true colors

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To portray School Board members across Northern Virginia these days as “nuts” would be both a cheap shot unbecoming our, ahem, usual high-class standards, and a slight to those with serious psychological conditions to whom we are sympathetic.

But the word kind of fits. And Northern Virginians have nobody but themselves to blame for having been inattentive as school systems across the region have been taken over, with a new breed of incumbents answerable not to the public but to their own bizarre political fetishes.

It’s a sliding scale, but it does look like Loudoun County – nice, bucolic Loudoun County? – currently has the lead for nuttiest School Board. Or maybe it’s just that the left-leaning cabal on that body (there are some “normies” still fortunately still left in office) is so unsophisticated that it leaves its fingerprints all over the clumsy efforts to turn readin’, writin’ and ’rithmetic into indoctrination, intimidation and intolerance.

Latest proof: An elementary-school PE teacher exercised his constitutional right to speak in front of a School Board meeting in Loudoun, and found himself suspended because his remarks (which must have seemed perfectly reasonable to many perfectly reasonable people) apparently offended the sensibilities of the “woke” school-system poobahs and poobettes.

Of course, this kind of thing is happening under the radar in school systems across the region; the raw egregiousness of the Loudoun incident is what turned it into big news. It was sloppy, sloppy, sloppy, and something that could well come back to haunt Loudoun’s Democrats. Nobody likes a bully, and the bully in this case appears to be the school-system leadership.

Throughout the Sun Gazette coverage area, educators report a chilling atmosphere inside their cloistered world, as a cloak of fascism begins to descend. And they are well aware that if they raise concerns, they will be targeted for retribution by those up the bureaucratic food chain.

Despite the top-down jack-booted approach to clamping down on any and all dissenting voices, word continues to leak out, and the public is catching on. Whether there will be the will among the populace to address the problem remains an open question. It is, after all, the easier route just to stay quiet and hope the current situation blows over.

But now is the time for the rest of the public to get involved, or we will only see more of the same.

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