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Thursday, March 30, 2023
FairfaxOpinionEditorial: Renamings served with a side of sanctimony

Editorial: Renamings served with a side of sanctimony

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Fairfax County’s equivalent of China’s Cultural Revolution rolls on in full force. Next stop: Renaming county Board of Supervisors/School Board districts that don’t comport with the modern sensibilities of the Democratic elected oligarchy.

As we noted some months back, it’s almost assured that “Lee District” is a goner. “Mount Vernon District”? “Sully”? Probably. Others are also on the chopping block for a variety of sins, real or imagined.

(We are kind of confused why it appears “Springfield District” is among those being considered for banishment. Is it some latent passive-aggressive pushback against “The Simpsons”? Or maybe just because there are some on the Democratic Board of Supervisors majority who just want to mess with Patrick Herrity, the lone board Republican and the occupant of that district. Who knows?)

We’ve been rather consistent in our view on this modern cleansing effort: We’re not so much against the renaming as with the sanctimony that accompanies it. And lordy, lordy, lordy, we bet we’re going to here plenty of that from a number (not all, but some) on the Board of Supervisors when the time comes. Those supervisors seem to think their arrogance signifies strength, although in reality it merely is a window into their emotional insecurities.


It won’t just be condescension that will be on display; it will be accompanied by a visceral, bullying disdain for those who raise an opposing voice, who will be dismissed as Luddites at best, racists at worst. It’s how these elected officials roll these days – in trying to fight prejudice, they succumb to their own prejudices. Alas, irony is a lost art on some people, so they seldom notice.

Go ahead, let the renaming (and sanctimony) begin. But in terms of actually moving humankind forward, it is, in the immortal words of Shakespeare’s Macbeth (we’ll use the full quote because it is most instructive): “A tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

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