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ArlingtonOpinionEditorial: Parents need to remain ever-vigilant

Editorial: Parents need to remain ever-vigilant

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Editorial: Parents need to remain ever-vigilant

Elections have consequences. Or, quoting one B.H. Obama back in the day: “I won, you lost. Get over it.”

The victory, narrow though it was, of Republican Glenn Youngkin as governor last year continues to reverberate through the educational establishment of the commonwealth, which – for too long and largely through disinterest of the public – constituted its own insular fiefdom where outside voices (say, parents) were unwelcome.

Whether Youngkin truly believes that changing the hearts and minds, or at least behavior, of education leaders in Northern Virginia and elsewhere is needed, or whether it merely was a convenient campaign tool used to batter Terry McAuliffe, is for those who believe they can see into another’s heart and mind to decide. What we can say is that the governor seems to be addressing concerns raised by parents in that election. And that’s a good thing.


It’s been in evidence over the past two weeks, as School Boards across Northern Virginia have been forced to enact new policies regarding the use of sexually-explicit materials in class. Under the requirements, handed down from the state level, parents and the community must be given information about what kinds of materials are being used, and there must be an opt-out provision made available.

Seems perfectly reasonable, and we suspect most perfectly reasonable people would agree. But of course, some school leaders across Northern Virginia have chosen to act churlish about it.

Some teachers, too. We saw on a TV-news report a woman described as a Loudoun County middle-school teacher, but one might wager more a union activist, denounce the changes. We’re paraphrasing, of course, but her screed did seem to boil down to “how dare you let parents have a say in education of their children.”

Which just goes to prove that the Virginia election of 2021, which turned largely on public education despite what revisionists might argue, has not changed the hearts and minds of those who for so long went without sufficient scrutiny and oversight. They continue to push back whenever given the opportunity.

It’s yet another reason parents must be ever-vigilant.

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