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Sunday, August 14, 2022
FairfaxOpinionEditorial: N.Va. Republicans need to step up their game

Editorial: N.Va. Republicans need to step up their game

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This is a public-service announcement from the residents of Northern Virginia (as channeled by and through the Sun Gazette) to the Republican committees of Arlington, Fairfax and Loudoun counties.

Dear GOP groups: It’s time for you to cast off the moribund performance of recent years and get serious. And we have the opportunity for you, although it will require doing something several of you seem to sometimes have problems with – recruiting candidates.

All three localities will, in November 2023, be electing, among other officials, their commonwealth’s attorneys. And in all three communities, left-leaning ideologues got into office in 2019 by using out-of-state cash to win Democratic nominations, then, in Fairfax and Arlington at least (it was closer in Loudoun), coast to general-election victories before the public realized what a mess would result.

And a mess indeed has resulted. Perhaps not the mess that is occurring in California, where the San Francisco D.A. proved so egregious that he was recalled (how bad does a Democratic elected official have to be to be recalled in San Francisco?!?) while the Los Angeles D.A. looks to be on the same trajectory.

Now, we do not expect the commonwealth’s attorneys of Arlington, Fairfax and Loudoun to lose their anticipated re-election bids of 2023 (well, maybe in Loudoun but not in Fairfax or Arlington). Incumbents probably will get a pass within the Democratic ranks, then be carried to victory by a public that is beginning to wake up to their excesses, but has not yet been fully exposed to the impact of them.

No, Republicans in those three locales, your job is not to win the posts (although many would be glad if you did). Your job is to find competent candidates who can take the fight to the incumbents, then come up with enough cash to get the message out to the broader public.

Yes, there are other races on the ballot in all three localities in November 2023. For now, don’t worry about them, Republicans. Get focused – now – on getting your prosecutor contenders locked and ready for battle starting not next summer, but as soon as this fall. It’s going to take that long to wage competitive campaigns.

And if you can’t accomplish this, Republican committees in Arlington, Fairfax and Loudoun, both the press and the public have every right to consider you impotent.

And that’s no way to go through life, is it?

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