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Wednesday, October 27, 2021
FairfaxOpinionEditorial: Just use the route numbers

Editorial: Just use the route numbers

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Members of the current Fairfax County Board of Supervisors – not all, but an ever-increasing number – seem to have a propensity to combine ponderousness with sanctimoniousness. Couple that with a blind spot when it comes to self-awareness (they truly sometimes seem to not see how they are coming off to the public at large) and you’ve got the recipe for some unintentional humor.

Consider the case last week, when supervisors decided to set up a task force to consider whether to seek removal Confederate-era generals’ names off Routes 29 and 50 in the county.

With apparently no sense of irony, board chairman Jeff McKay sonorously intoned: “We’re not prejudging what the final outcome is here.”

Did his script have a notation “pause for laughter to subside”? Because the entire point of this exercise is that a final decision has been pre-ordained. You think the hand-picked task force is going to come back with a proposal that the names of Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson remain on the roadways? C’mon: Marijuana may now be legal in the Old Dominion, but it would take inhaling a whole lot of the stuff not to realize the fix is in.

Frankly, we really don’t care one way or another. It’s nothing but virtue-signaling by (mostly white) liberals in the Fairfax civic power structure.

In real-world terms of making anyone’s lives better, it changes nothing.
Rather than just throw stones, we’ll offer leaders this common-sense suggestion. Forget about names altogether. Let them be “Route 50” and “Route 29” and stop there.

That way, we won’t need to go through another charade when, decades from now, the choices of the current era in local leadership don’t fit the values of the those who come after them. Because that undoubtedly will occur.

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