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Monday, August 15, 2022
ArlingtonOpinionEditorial: Hogan is no hero to modern-day GOP

Editorial: Hogan is no hero to modern-day GOP

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We’re guessing that new-in-2022 Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin has just been having a little fun in the summertime sun by traveling around the country, acting as if he’s auditioning for president. In the end, we’d surmise that while he’ll bask in the visibility boost he gets in Republican circles, he will at the end of the day decide 2024 is not the right time for a White House bid.

But across the way in Maryland, Gov. Larry Hogan most certainly appears to be in full presidential-campaign mode, as evidenced by not one but two appearances on Sunday talk shows earlier this year.

(An aside: One need only look at the political guests brought on, and the issues discussed, on such shows to see how utterly out of touch with the American people those in the national media are. It is almost as if Chuck Todd and the rest of the gang spread across the TV dial are living in some parallel universe. But we digress.)

To cut to the chase: Hogan’s going nowheresville in the presidential sweepstakes. Shoot, he couldn’t even get some of his endorsed candidates across the finish line in last week’s Republican state primary over in the Free State. And he then compounded his problem by pouting and not just refusing to support the Republican who was nominated for governor, but attacking him – a churlish act lacking in political impulse control that puts Hogan temperamentally in league with his nemesis, Donald Trump.

(Another aside: We went on the amazing Internet to search out news stories on Hogan blasting the GOP nominee for governor, and in the “People Also Ask” section found the question, “Is Larry Hogan a Republican or Democrat?” Some days, indeed, it is hard to tell.)

We’ve got no problem with the future former governor traveling the hinterlands between now and the spring of 2024 espousing his elixir of moderate-shading-to-left politics. Have at it. Instead, it’s his chronic case of Trump Derangement Syndrome that will likely will give Republicans pause; even those who recognize the (clear) shortcomings of the 45th president wonder why some never-Trump politicians can’t move forward and let their rage recede.

As for presidential-campaign logistics, we would advise Hogan to make sure his AAA membership is up to date, because once the votes in GOP nominating contests start being tallied, that campaign bus of his is going to be left by the side of the road, out of gas and in need of a tow.

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