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Friday, March 24, 2023
FairfaxOpinionEditorial: Don't play any games, FCPS employees

Editorial: Don’t play any games, FCPS employees

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First there was one. Then two, then a few more, then a few more after that.

Nope, we’re not talking about all the places Joe Biden left classified documents (although that fits, as well). Instead, we’re talking about all the Fairfax County high schools that – whoopsie! – forgot to tell students that they’d been commended by the National Merit Scholarship Corp.

It’s the controversy that began at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology and has metastasized across the district, as other schools have come forward to announce they didn’t inform students, either. Several neighboring school districts also have fessed up to doing it, too.

Let’s recall the school system’s initial response to this, back in December. It was a lowly staffer at TJ who made an honest mistake, we were first told, and it had been corrected as soon as it was caught.


Happening at just one school? Then a simple staff mistake is possible, if not necessarily plausible. But happening at a host of schools? We weren’t born yesterday, FCPS.

This has now of course gotten the attention of Attorney General Jason Miyares and his legal pit bulls.

We’d make a really strong suggestion to those among FCPS staff called in to answer questions before investigators dispatched by Richmond: Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Because if you don’t, they’re going to figure it out, and the Miyares brigade is not a group we would want irked at us.

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