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ArlingtonEditorial: Democrats retain School Board caucus

Editorial: Democrats retain School Board caucus

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We had no dog in the hunt and are not going to quibble with the outcome, but it is worth noting that, earlier this month, the Arlington County Democratic Committee’s politburo (we kid, Arlington Democrats, because we love!) voted in rather lopsided fashion to retain its caucus format that long has been used to select a candidate for School Board.

Critics, including the Arlington NAACP, argued that the process is inherently unfair because it tends to concentrate power in those able to be most active both in the schools themselves and in the behind-the-scenes maneuvering and often Byzantine (if anyone still gets that reference) nature of the caucus itself.

They have some valid points, but given that the voting franchise on the matter was limited only to those with a very vested interest in maintaining Arlington’s Democratic political oligarchy, the fact that 80 percent of those casting ballots supported maintaining the status quo came as really no surprise.

Democrats are simply doing what is permissible under the law, and that’s the party’s right. There’s nothing wrong (legally, ethically, morally, politically) with doing it how Democrats do it.

The question now has become: Having held back those who wanted the caucus abolished entirely, will the Democratic leadership take conciliatory steps to meet critics halfway by enacting some reforms of its process? Only time will tell.

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