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Tuesday, December 6, 2022
ArlingtonOpinionEditorial: Arlington School Board puts students, staff at risk

Editorial: Arlington School Board puts students, staff at risk

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It was during 2020 that Democratic elected officials across the land, driven by their radical left flank, undertook an effort to devalue, demoralize and defund public safety.

Now in 2021, many of those same elected officials – besieged by constituents who recognize the value and importance of public-safety personnel and fully understand what happens when they are removed – are scurrying to atone (they will never apologize) for their outrageous behavior.

Those progressive politicians finally woke up to the dangers of wokeness, you might say. But not the Arlington School Board, whose members must have missed the memo.


Those board members wrapped up a school year filled with terrible decision-making with one of the worst – eliminating school-resource officers. Like so many “reforms” we’ve seen over the past year, it’s another policy designed to assuage the self-flagellation of “look-at-me” liberals, yet one that will have a decidedly negative impact on real-world conditions for all students, especially those at most risk.

Resource officers, in place in county schools since the late 1960s, have proved a major net plus for students and staff. Removing them is just dopey pandering. It came after a community task force was empaneled and, to no one’s surprise, returned with a pre-ordained recommendation, as almost always is the case in school-system decision-making.

Most Arlington residents don’t know the names of their School Board members, who voted unanimously for this change in yet another example of groupthink that has paralyzed education in Arlington in recent years. They are Barbara Kanninen, David Priddy, Cristina Diaz-Torres, Monique O’Grady and Reid Goldstein.

Remember those names, Arlington residents: Should something horrific happen in a school because there was no adequate, timely response available, or because no advance warning was received to thwart it since students didn’t have a trusted public-safety officer to confide in, those five will bear a good share of the responsibility.

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