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Wednesday, October 5, 2022
ArlingtonOpinionEditorial: APS gets creative in scheduling substitutes

Editorial: APS gets creative in scheduling substitutes

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For those who say that all the Sun Gazette editorial page does is criticize school-system leaders? Well, we calls ’em as we sees ’em. Which means when school officials do something smart, we praise the effort. Other times, we pounce.

(As Harry Truman used to retort when those in the crowd told him to “give ’em hell”: “I just tell the truth, and some people THINK it’s hell.”)

Today we will praise the Arlington school system, which seems to be doing the right thing in deciding that, for the coming year, it will position two substitute teachers permanently at every school.

That way, the teachers will get to know the school and the students, rather than being shuffled around the county willy-nilly. And it certainly would seem like there are enough teacher absences spread across an entire school to keep those substitutes busy.


Smart decision and creative thinking. And therefore deserving of some praise.

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