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ArlingtonDeveloper seeks temporary conversion of apartments to hotel use

Developer seeks temporary conversion of apartments to hotel use

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The developer of another new apartment complex is seeking permission to use some of the units as hotel rooms for a period, but is quibbling with county staff over how long that period should be.

Arlington County Board members on April 17 will be asked to approve a proposal to permit up to 100 residential units in one of the two towers in “The Highlands” to be used as hotel space. The project is part of a redevelopment in the 1500 block of Wilson Boulevard in western Rosslyn that also includes a replacement fire station and redeveloped Rosslyn Highlands Park.

In its submission, the developer of the site is seeking the power to use the 100 units as hotel space for up to seven years. The Planning Commission countered with a proposal to allow hotel use for two years with a possible two-year extension. County staff is proposing a five-year period.

Allowing hotel use of new residential development has become almost standard in Arlington, since it provides developers cash flow during the early stages of marketing and filling their properties. Hotels also bring in more local tax revenue, on a per-square-foot basis, than just about any other type of real estate.


All told, 890 residential units have been proposed as part of the development.

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