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FairfaxCows will be on the moooove to raise funds for Frying Pan...

Cows will be on the moooove to raise funds for Frying Pan Park

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Nine of the cows that call Frying Pan Park in Herndon home are slated to participate in the “NASCOW FundRacer” on Friday, Oct. 22.

Fans are invited to look over the cows’ photos and biographies and sponsor the cow they hope will win the race. Proceeds will support the farm and help provide food and medical care to the almost 100 animals that live there.

“I think the word ‘race’ may be too strong a term for the speed these cows are likely to achieve,” operations manager Paul Nicholson said with a chuckle. “It’s really going to be more like an amble.”

Nicholson will run rehearsals with the herd several times before the event, motivating them to move from one end of a field to the other with buckets of spent grain. The oatmeal-like substance is the byproduct of the beer-brewing process and is donated to Frying Pan Farm Park by local breweries.
“Spent grain doesn’t make the cows drunk,” Nicholson said. “It’s one of their favorite treats because it’s kind of sweet.”

The cows, which are all female (including two mother-daughter pairs), will run for the cameras instead of for a live audience, owing to public-health conditions.

“We want to keep visitors safe, which is why NASCOW will be an online event,” Frying Pan Farm Park manager Nicole Mitchell said. “If people want to see the cows in person, the farm is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.”

The NASCOW FundRacer is hosted by the Friends of Frying Pan Farm Park. For information, see the Website at https://friendsoffryingpan.org/nascow/.

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