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ArlingtonCommentary: Which teams will move where?

Commentary: Which teams will move where?

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With the large 17-division 2021 Northern Virginia Swimming League season now complete for another summer, which teams will be moved about, and to where, before the 2022 campaign begins?

Each offseason, adjustments are made as NVSL swimming teams are moved from division to division based on the past season’s records and some other criteria. Teams that win or finish high in divisions, with 5-0 or 4-1 records, often are moved up one or two spots. On the opposite end, squads that finished last or near the bottom, with 0-5 or 1-4 marks, often are dropped a spot or two.

In Division 1, the champion Tuckahoe Tigers (5-0), runner-up Chesterbrook Tiger Sharks (4-1) and third-place Overlee Flying Fish (3-2) are staying put, as likely will the fourth place Donaldson Run Thunderbolts (2-3), which had a strong showing being in that top division for the first time in years.

The Langley Wildthings won Division 2 with a 5-0 mark. Expect Langley to jump into Division 1, in place of the Dowden Terrace Dolphins (0-5), or maybe the Highlands Swim Club Whomping Turtles (1-4). Also, could the second-place Crosspointe Cruisers of Division 2 (4-1) climb into Division 1, as well?

Or, will the Division 3 champion Fair Oaks Sharks (5-0), a winner of three straight lower-division crowns, catapult all the way from Division 3 to 1? That happens sometimes.

How about Division 4 champion Kent Gardens (5-0)? Will the Dolphins jump one or two divisions?

And what about 2021 Division 17 champion Village West (5-0). The Vikings certainly will climb from the cellar division, but how far?

All NVSL movement questions will be answered sometime during the cold winter months, when 2022 seeding meetings are held.

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