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Tuesday, June 22, 2021
ArlingtonCommentary: Where to find the final score

Commentary: Where to find the final score

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There are so many different ways now to rather quickly learn the final score and other information about a  high-school sporting event.

The best way, of course, is the old-fashioned manner of attending an event and noting the result and gathering the details yourself, as a final score is displayed on a scoreboard. If that is not possible in these times, below is a  list of other score-learning methods.

A score can often be found on a school’s athletic Twitter, Facebook, Instagram pages or overall Website. Some schools are much better at posting immediate results than others, and they are thanked greatly for their swift action. For those who don’t update those sites in a prompt manner, get with the program, please.

For high-school baseball and softball games, the GameChanger Website follows many contests live, with all of the basic details available. Obtaining more involved stats requires a slight subscription fee.

As a result of the pandemic, many high-school games are now streamed live on the Internet for everyone to watch and see the outcomes. Again, a slight subscription fee sometimes might be necessary depending on the mode of the broadcast.

Whatever newspapers that still exist often post scores on their various sites. Again, some update more rapidly than others.

There also are any number of other high-school sports Websites that post final scores and even information and photos, some faster than others.

Scores also can quickly be learned via e-mails or texts. Or, someone can call from their cell phone and relay the info, kind of like old times. Maybe even get a rare call come from an old landline phone, of the few that still might exist.

So these days, it’s helpfully much easier and faster to learn those final scores, and a few details, if not attending a specific event.

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