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ArlingtonCommentary: Some other football stats

Commentary: Some other football stats

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If desired, there are many more than the traditional passing, receiving, rushing and defensive statistics to keep track of during high-school football games. Others are the untraditional stats that also accumulate as the action continues.

A few examples:

* How many times will game officials huddle during a contest to discuss the specifics of whatever, usually some type of penalty?

* How many times will the referee huddle with one of the head coaches to talk about something?

* How many times will the ball girls or boys have to retrieve footballs, and how many times will they have to give it to the officials, and be scolded by those same officials that they aren’t doing an efficient enough job?

* How many photographers will be on the field taking pictures?

* How many yellow penalty flags will be thrown? Not the number of penalties called, but how many flags will actually wind up on the ground?

* How many times will the chain crew be obstructed by those in the way along the sidelines and have to wait or sidestep, as the trio moves up and down the field?

* How much team sideline clutter of various items will gather about on the ground between the standing players and the bench during a game, all too easy to trip over?

* How many breaks in the action will occur because of injuries or players suffering leg cramps?

* How many unnecessary people will be gathered along the sidelines?

* How long will the game last, and did the contest start on time?

* How many times will the referee have to adjust the game play clocks?

* How many different cheers will the two cheerleading teams perform?

Again, if desired there is so much more to keep record of during high-school football games than the traditional statistics.

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