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FairfaxCommentary: High-school athletic Twitter sites are must reads

Commentary: High-school athletic Twitter sites are must reads

Must Read

Regularly reading and following local high-school athletic Twitter sites is must-see stuff for those interested in keeping up with the sports of the schools throughout a school year, and even the summer vacation months.

There is so much on those sites in addition to scores and results of games and events and all of the scheduling details.

School athletes often are singled out for accomplishments with details and their pictures for a variety of reasons. Athletes are highlighted when they sign letters of intent to play their specialty sports in college or earn some significant honor, such as making all-region or all-state in a particular sport. Same for coaches.

If a school team wins a championship, most often a photo of that squad holding whatever trophy and some type of banner often is posted on those sites.


The Twitter sites are updated often, sometimes multiple times during one day and many times over the course of one week.

Sometimes local sports stories published by the Sun Gazette, or other media organizations, are re-tweeted on those Twitter spots.

As much as those sites do provide, one wish is that much more could be published on more consistent and detailed manners without much effort. Final scores of games always should be posted, not just that team won or loss, which is what unfortunately often occurs.

Also, don’t just give halftime or partial scores, then fail to follow up with the final result. That happens way too often, especially when the team that’s being posted about loses.

Overall, those sites are very popular and provide so many great details  about prep sports and high-school athletes and teams. Keep up the posting and don’t hesitate to add more.

The more info about high-school sports, the better.

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