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ArlingtonCommentary: Helpful handbook returns

Commentary: Helpful handbook returns

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It’s back.

After two years of not being published owing to all of the pandemic issues, the Northern Virginia Swimming League’s popular and helpful handbook again has been printed and returned to circulation this year for the organization’s summertime swim and dive seasons.

That handy, pocket-size 140-page handbook, with blue and white front and back covers, looks about the same as past editions, and includes so much valuable information. There are team schedules, division alignments, advertising, league and contact information for all 102 swim and 48 dive teams, lists of the league’s past scholarship winners, meet instructions, rules and a section with all of the league’s many swim and dive records.

Something new and helpful in the latest issue is how the team names in the two sections, which list all of the swim and dive squads in alphabetical order, are printed in bold letters. Maybe some year all of the team nicknames, some of which are quite original, can be included.

All of that handbook information also is posted on the league’s Website. But the handbook, published yearly since the 1960s, is more accessible for quick use. The info can be found more quickly by turning a page or two, compared to scanning the Website.

After not being published the past two summers, there were discussions within the NVSL about discontinuing the handbook. With modern technology and all, were the editions really necessary anymore?

Thankfully any such ideas were tabled, hopefully forever.

In fact, other sports organizations should follow suit and also publish such helpful manuals.

For those involved with the popular summertime league, which began in 1956, the handbook is a must to possess, plus a unique tradition that should continue.

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