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ArlingtonCommentary: Colorful running shoes

Commentary: Colorful running shoes

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Look at the shoes. Sometimes it’s more entertaining doing that during high-school cross country meets than watching the runners perform.

The athletes’ running shoes are all kinds of wild, different colors, or blends. It seems no two runners have the same color of shoes. Even on the same teams, the color tones and schemes of shoes differ significantly.

There was a time when cross country runners on the same team – girls and boys – all wore the identical color of shoes, often solid-color boring black, brown or white. Those shoes were provided and issued by the various schools.

No longer. For a few years now, runners have purchased their own shoes. And they aren’t boring black, brown or white. In fact, good luck trying to spot such a color, although boring beige and light gray are a bit popular at the present.


Shoes are of all colors, usually the brighter the better, like vivid orange, yellow, red, lime green, bright blue and pink are popular. You can see them all glowing brightly at races. The variety of shoe colors now look like a rainbow or the contents of a bubble-gum machine. Each member of a team has a different looking shoe, some of which are multiple tones. 

Even soles of shoes vary in colors.

Most shoes clash badly with a uniform colors. But then, is any dress combination supposed to match anymore these days?

The various colors of shoelaces are also fun to observe. They are often wild and bright variations as well –  like orange shoes and some type of green laces. Again, the laces all used to be white or black.

As for runners’ socks, those are crazy-colored too, no longer all white. Runners today are more likely to wear black than white socks, or red or blue, maybe even green or yellow.

Look down when watching a race. It’s like looking up to see a rainbow.

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