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ArlingtonCommentary: Coaching getups get creative

Commentary: Coaching getups get creative

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A must-see when attending any of those outdoor summertime neighborhood swimming meets is taking a look at what coaches of the teams are usually wearing. Just what will their crazy  getups look like?

The majority are dressed in some type of creative and often colorful costume or outfit. Many will be sporting some kind of bright-colored hat, often of cowboy origin of some style, and wearing body paint. Different types of beads and big sunglasses are popular, as well.

Often, coaches dress in the same color schemes, yet their wardrobes are vastly different in arrangements.

For a recent July 2 meet, there were scads of patriotic customs of dress for the coaches, and even some of the swimmers in the meets.

A coach of one local team during June 25 competition was sporting a big orange and black floppy hat and had a small stuffed animal hanging from his neck.

Four different coaches of another team all wore different styles of cowboy hats.

A coach of the Lakevale Estates Dolphins had white handprints painted on her legs and arms during another meet.

Over the years, coaches have even worn Santa Claus outfits, dressed as firefighters, pumpkins and construction workers, or whatever might help motivate and inspire their team both to swim well and have fun. while enjoying the meets.

During a big meet last summer, Tuckahoe Tigers head coach Torey Ortmayer went in the opposite direction. He got formal by wearing a suit and tie for the entire meet on a hot-and-sunny morning, when the temperature reached 90-plus by the event’s end. Tuckahoe won that meet to win a Division 1 championship.

Whatever the coaches and swimmers wear, the outfits are always worth a look, and often result in a laugh.

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