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ArlingtonCommentary: Chocolate the official drink

Commentary: Chocolate the official drink

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Those who like chocolate milk might be interested to know that the popular drink is now the official protein beverage of the Virginia High School League.

What that actually means is too early to determine. Maybe small containers, or big brown coolers, of the drink will be provided free of charge  to the athletes, and media members, at the many VHSL state tournaments and competitions that occur throughout the school year. Also, will the sweet brown milk replace water and other sports drinks now offered along the benches?

Chocolate milk has long been known as a natural source of high-quality protein, which experts say is scientifically shown to help restore muscles quickly to their peak potential. Milk also has vitamins and minerals to help build and maintain strong bones, essential in reducing the risk for stress fractures, according to the VHSL.

Many sports teams and coaches at all levels already have been including chocolate milk as one of the must- haves for their athletes, who might drink a few ounces often after their practices sometimes, and after  competitions, as well.


One former local college basketball coach was convinced the drink worked as a big boost for his players. He was such a believer that the coach had pitchers full of chocolate milk waiting for his players after each game. The coach even controlled the pouring, supervising how many ounces each team member was permitted to drink at that moment.

The milk probably won’t replace water or other protein sports drinks along the sidelines during games.

But will the milk now be poured over the heads of coaches, instead of water or one of those colored sports drinks, to celebrate championships?

Again, all of those details remain to be seen.

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