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ArlingtonCommentary: All submissions accepted

Commentary: All submissions accepted

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For years, the Sun Gazette has gladly accepted all sports submissions, no matter their conditions or how hard to read, that are sent our way for publication.

And that will never change under the current staff.

We will do our best to figure out and decipher any material sent along. Certainly correct and readable final scores and accurate first and last names are always preferred, of course. But if not, the staff will work through any challenge to figure out the correct information.

Some recent meet-sheets results from a high-school swimming and diving competition were e-mailed the paper’s way that included some hand-written scribble of results and only last names. The final meet scores also were handwritten.


The material was difficult to read, and guesswork is not good enough in the newspaper business. So a phone call, followed by a return e-mail or two provided all of the necessary correct results and spellings and full names, all in time for publication.

Another way information and results are submitted now in the age of technology are links to Websites are emailed to the paper, which can be annoying and time-consuming. Wish that specific information was broken down by the sender and sent that way instead, saving time searching the sites on the receiving end.

On occasion, a submission will be handwritten and mailed in an envelope, often without a phone number provided to call with any questions.   

Basically, the Sun Gazette would rather have any type of submissions, no matter the challenge to decipher the information, than none at all.

And submissions are accepted and appreciated by any means – e-mail, text, regular mail, phone call (cell or landline), hand-delivered, Pony Express if that still existed, or whatever. Send them our way, please.

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